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Fresh Lumpia “ala Goldilocks” ( Filipino fresh spring rolls)

Fresh Lumpia- Lumpiang sariwa or Filipino springrolls are sautee’d vegetables and pork and/or shrimp and tofu wrapped in crepe like wrappers made with eggs and flour. Anyone who knows how to chop vegetables and sautee can make the roll. But not all fresh lumpia are made equal. Because the secret to the best lumpia is … Continue reading

I love train tracks

….something in them mesmerize me. They’re a perfect backdrop to any photograph. The surounding trees, rocks, and the tracks . They give me the elements I am looking for to complete a great composition. I think I’m starting to love taking portraits too. Thanks to my pretty model Olga Hernandez for finding this location. Before … Continue reading

Fried Pickles

It’s Texas State Fair month, and what comes to mind when you hear this? ….Fried food galore!!!  No wonder it’s better known as the “Fried food capital of Texas.” And what better way to welcome the event than making one of my favorite southern delight… Fried Pickles. They’re really simple to make if you know … Continue reading

Bicol Express

Does the name remind you of a train ride? That’s because it is. Although the origin of the dish is a bit controversial, the name was derived from the train going from Manila to Bicol, a region in the Philippines known for their spicy cuisine using coconut milk and chilli peppers. Traditionally, Bicol Express is … Continue reading

Buko Pandan

Buko Pandan is a popular dessert in the Philippines. It is made with shredded young coconut meat, pandan flavored jello or gulaman, cream and milk. “Buko” stands for coconut in Tagalog while “Pandan”  well, I am not really sure what the English translation is, but when I googled the word, most of the results translated it as screwpine. … Continue reading